Leading Transformation & Amplifying Success


"With a philosophy to stay inspired by people to inspire people, our foundation relies on our global network of people, data and assets. We are committed to nurture the spirited and cultural mind-set of the youth who play a vital role in shaping the long-term development of our community."

His Excellency

Chairman of International Vision Investment Group


International Vision Investments is a private investment company leading and managing a manifold of investments across multiple sectors in the UAE. In line with our Leader’s vision to make the United Arab Emirates among the best countries in the world, we own and operate a diversified portfolio of companies under multiple verticals as a contribution to the overall development of the UAE.

With major milestones achieved over the past years, our goal is to attain a global influence, economic development and financial empowerment and workforce readiness. Our distinct global network of people, data and relationships creates a mindset that allows us to spot opportunities and excel in the emerging regional and global market.

Our Vision

To support the UAE’s posterity to accelerate the economical growth & empower proficiency & accomplishments of the youth.

Our Mission

To set the benchmark for 'unlocking business potentials' across various industries & sectors

Our Values

Unity & Collaboration


Investing in People

Social Development