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International Vision Sports Management

A diverse & unique range of sports & entertainment events offering Abu Dhabi’s community exceptional choices of sports entertainment & events.

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A full-integrated marketing agency, providing 360° communication & production services. Inspired by the world, and inspire the world. Know more Katchers website

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UAEJJ Fitness

UAEJJ Fitness is on a mission to create a fitter future by unleashing individual’s fitness & athletic abilities through distinctive experiences, while offering the chance to build and maintain healthier lifestyles. Offering various styles of exercises & catering to diverse audiences with efficient and modern equipment. Know more> fitness website

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Facility Management

Delivering innovative facility management solutions from integrated facility management, landscaping and cleaning to home maintenance, pest control, handyman services and much more, we deliver exclusive individual or package solutions that are based on comprehensive analysis & corrective actions.

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International Vision Travel

Tailoring world-class travel management solutions for leisure & business travelers with fastest procedures & documentations for you to explore the world with style.

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